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As the Brooklyn Spectator notes, “When Suzi Shelton takes the stage with her guitar and her band, you know that something special is about to happen.”




"Surely one of the albums highlights is the delightfully buoyant "The Grass Is Always Greener," sung as a duet with Grammy Award winning Children's Music vocalist Tim Kubart. Catchy melodies rein in "Raindrop" and "River Come Down" while the bluesy "Blue Fin" continues the aquatic theme to observe the innumerable colors of fish in the sea."  "The album closes with the high stepping beats of "We Shall Walk," a song of unity and peace." ~ Lahri Bond  ©2018 Parents' Choice


"Lively numbers that will engage kids and have them acting along with the appealing sophisticated vibe to this album." ~NAPPA (National Parenting Publications) Awards 2018

"SUZI SHELTON'S NO NEWCOMER TO THE KINDIE SCENE, BUT HER LATEST ALBUM SOUNDS 100% BRAND-NEW. It could just as easily be playing through a Brooklyn Hipster's iPhone as a family iPad. At it's core, "Hand In Hand" is still the empowering, kid-focused folk-pop we've come to expect, but there's a new beat here that's infectious and ear-grabbing." 

~Kenny Curtis - Sirius XM Kids Place Live Program Director


Award-winning children's recording artist Suzi Shelton released her fourth family album on May 11th, which is filled with upbeat, inspiring, and powerful songs about believing in yourself as well as more whimsical songs about ladybugs and raindrops. You can hear her new songs playing on Sirius XM Kids Place Live, WXPN Kids Corner, Imagination Parade on WFDU FM, Kids Crossroads, KDHX Musical Merry Go Round, Radio Active Kids in Asheville, and many more radio stations across the country! "Hand in Hand" is also the proud recipient of a 2018 NAPPA (National Parenting Publications) Award as well as Parents' Choice Foundation Recommended Award!


Suzi's new musical style is eclectic-pop with a more modern edge and is co-produced by two of her band mates, Greg Mayo (Jon Bon Jovi, Blood, Sweat & Tears) and Dan Weiner (The Cher Show, STOMP, America's Got Talent Band). Her new album is all about inclusion and uses socially conscious messages to remind everyone that they can be comfortable in their own skin and express themselves joyously.


Engineered, produced + mixed by Greg Mayo and Dan Weiner at GnM Studios (White Plains, NY) + Pencilworks Studios (Greenpoint, NYC). Mastered by Jonathan Jetter at Right Angle Productions.